December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas! (+ Glass Ornaments DIY)

Merry Christmas everyone!

We realise it has once again been very quiet around here, and we are very sorry for that. We had a perfectly fine reason for this, though, because lately we have been working on our very own Youtube channel! 

Our plan is to post videos with DIYs, recipes, reviews - practically anything we always want to put up here, but never really make time for. Why start a Youtube channel then? Good question. We probably just needed something new to experiment with. A new platform, and a new way of presenting ourselves. Don't worry, our blog is not going anywhere - in fact, we actually hope it might inspire us to use it more often! :)

Anyways, there would be no point in announcing our channel if it was still empty, so hereby we want to present to you our very first DIY video:

Of course, we would love to hear (read?) your reactions, either in the comment section below, or on Youtube. So if you have any questions, feedback, or just random remarks, let us know! Be nice, though ;)
We hope we'll post more soon, but for now we just feel like watching sappy Christmas movies. Again a very merry Christmas to you all!
Lots of love,
Lisa & Ivanna

October 30, 2014

Halloween Treat: Bug Candy

I don't know why I've put of writing this piece for so long. I guess these things still creep me out a little bit (I'm not as tough as Ivanna, who eats bugs like it's nothing). But with Halloween around the corner, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to show you my bug candy!

October 19, 2014

Halloween Promo

An idea that came to our mind was that we wanted to do something fun for our customers for Halloween. We love this celebration because it is the perfect chance to dress creepy and do scary things while a large part of the world is doing the same. Also, we like to give our customers a nice present once in a while. And therefore we thought of something that fits the celebration best. If you order for 10 euros or more in our shop, you'll receive a free skull bracelet! Of course you can tell us which size you'd like and which colour of skull you want and we'll make it for you. 

This promo starts today, Sunday 19th and ends on Halloween: Friday 31st. If you have any questions about this promo, feel free to ask in the comments:)

Lisa & Ivanna

September 29, 2014

Ivanna's Beauty Basics

Ever since I can remember I have not worried much about the care for my skin and hair. While other girls neatly remove their make-up at the end of the day in order to keep their skin clean and healthy, I never bothered to wipe my eye make-up off before going to bed. However, since about a year I have developed allergies in my skin which could be caused by a reaction to make-up. Therefore, and because my mom silently couldn't stand my laziness anymore, she bought me face cleaning products. Since the moment that I have these products standing in my bathroom I instantly feel so caring for myself that I decided to show you guys the standard bathroom products that I use everyday;) What I use isn't a big deal, but these favourite items make that I can start my mornings and feel confident about my appearance.

September 22, 2014

DIY Fabric Yarn

Fabric yarn, or t-shirt yarn is, well... yarn made of woven fabric like t-shirts. The fabric is cut into longs strips, and pulled to make the edges curl in. Since this type of yarn is rather thick and sturdy, it is often used to crochet small furniture like poofs and lampshades, or firm items like bowls.

September 18, 2014

Unofficial Blog Meeting

Because we both had the day off and were a little bored, we decided to have an "unofficial blog meeting". As you may have noticed, the blog looks a lot different than it did two months ago and we're still making little improvements here and there. For instance, we only found out this afternoon that our breathtakingly spectacular drop down menu that had taken us at least six hours to make and perfect with our non-existing knowledge of HTML and CSS looked utterly awful on other people's computers. Luckily, we have managed to build up enough experience in this field to be able to fix these kind of problems within a reasonable time frame. Which gave us enough time to have lunch, cuddle kittens and play Sims 4. 

September 16, 2014

Sushi bowls

One of the things we have in common is our profound love for sushi. Given the chance, we'd probably go out and have sushi at least twice a week. Unfortunately, we neither have the money for takeaway sushi, nor do we have the time and patience to roll our own sushi every time we crave it. So, luckily we came across the perfect solution: sushi bowls! We had seen different versions of this genius idea on Pinterest, but it wasn't until Lisa's birthday in April that we gave it a try. Because it's so simple and versatile, it instantly became one of our favourite dishes.

September 9, 2014

Vintage Outfit

Last Friday was the day of my graduation! I was so nervous that I had trouble sleeping the night before, because it was going to be such a memorable day. I want to share this moment with you guys and give you a little insight in my choice of outfit for this day. Because I wanted to wear a special dress for the occasion, my mom and I browsed the internet to find interesting clothing shops in the area. We discovered a very nice store that sells retro and vintage inspired fashion: Very Cherry (they also sell online). Since I really love this style and because I like to wear something different instead of a standard dress, we decided to  go and visit the shop in Rotterdam.

September 4, 2014

Stray Cat Project Skiathos

How was your summer? Did you enjoy your holiday or did you do something else? For me this was my last summer as a veterinary student, since I have completed all my courses and internships. On September 5th I will receive my diploma and from that day I will be an official vet. Because I had a lot of free time left during July and August, I decided to use this time for gaining extra experience. I wanted to do a volunteer internship in another country, so that I could help (stray) animals and at the same time enjoy another view and culture. Via a website for animal internships I found the volunteer project Skiathos Cat Welfare Association, which is located on the island Skiathos, Greece. I spoke about my plans with my boyfriend and since he is a big cat lover, he liked to come with me. We booked our flights and boat trips (a tip for you guys if you want to fly cheap; departure from Brussels, Belgium with Ryanair is way cheaper than departure from Amsterdam; I paid under 200 euro for a return ticket) and I collected some medical supplies and study books. After this we were ready to go on this adventure. 

July 20, 2014

Summer Break

As you may have noticed, there is not much going on here at the moment, mainly because we have decided to take a summer break. Ivanna and I both went through some important changes in our lives, which took up pretty much all of our time. I'll try to summarize it:

Over the past months, Ivanna got her degree in veterinary medicine and moved in with her boyfriend, with whom she is currently working as a volunteer in a veterinary clinic in Greece for the next four weeks. I also took an important step in my romantic life by moving in together with my boyfriend quite recently, so I'm still practically in the middle of a move. Oh, and I will also be heading to Greece later this month - the similarities here are quite eerie... I'll be on a different island than Ivanna though, but that doesn't matter, because I now live like 2 minutes away from her :)

As far as technicalities go, we know our blog is a bit of a mess right now, and we humbly apologise for that. We were working on some new ideas, but got interrupted by all this other important stuff, so it's kind of inbetween everything right now (just like us :p). Our shop is still open, so no worries there! Although, do note that we will both be away between August 1 and 23. This means that our shop will remain open, and you will still be able to place orders, but you will have to wait until after August 23 for your order to be shipped. 

In the meantime, we may post a little something now and then, or we may not. We wish you all a fantastic summer, and we'll definitely be back next month!

Lots of love, 

May 28, 2014

Swan Market Rotterdam

Last week we went to the Swan Market in Rotterdam for the first time. We had heard a lot of good things about it, so we've been wanting to go there for a while, but for some reason we never got around to it. Which is quite a shame, because it's it really is one of the coolest markets we've ever been to! 

May 11, 2014

Lisa's Birthday

Because of all the turmoil around Kingsday, and the subsequent handling of orders, I almost forgot to mention that I turned 25 last month! I don't really like throwing big parties, because to me they're quite stress-inducing rather than fun, so for this little celebration I just invited my best friends over for a little get together. Friends, drinks, sushi bowls, and some nice music in the background - that's all the party I need :p

April 27, 2014

Kingsday Free Market Sale

Last Saturday was The Netherlands' first ever Kingsday! And, just as we did with the previous two Queensdays, we joined the free market in our hometown Vlaardingen. We had been working incredibly hard - making an enormous supply of jewelry (which explains why we haven't been very active on our blog recently...), designing and printing new cards*, and moving around all kinds of furniture to display our items properly. Add that up to the fact that we had to get up at 5 in the morning to find ourselves a nice spot, and you can understand it was quite an exhausting day ;) 

April 22, 2014

Food of the Future?

A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I were invited to a home-made dinner with his family and the idea was that all couples had to prepare one dish. We decided to prepare a chocolate fondue for dessert, but since we wanted to shock and impress a little bit, we wanted to add a special element instead of just fruits and cakes: ... locusts. 

April 17, 2014

Tea with a Story

Last Tuesday my two sisters and I went to a hotel with a view on the harbour river in our hometown to have a great high tea. They served a tower full of different kinds of sweet and savory treats like scones, sandwiches, brownies, small quiches and more. With that we could drink as much tea as we wanted. The tea is exactly the thing that I wanted to share with you, because we loved the way it was presented.

April 16, 2014

Personal - Etsy Pastel

Normally we present our inspirational quotes ('Words of Wisdom') on Wednesday, but today we feel like showing you something else, which is just as pretty to look at. In our last Friday's Fabulous Photos we showed you our love for pastel colours by a lovely photo collage. Because we were getting so happy about it, we also collected all our favourite pastel coloured items on Etsy and put them together in a new Treasury list. If this sweet and cheerful collection doesn't cause the spring fever...

If you want to see the pictures in better quality, or want to find the shops where they sell these items, you can click here.

Lisa & Ivanna

April 15, 2014

King's Day Bracelet!

As you may have noticed (especially if you live here in the Netherlands), it has been almost a year since Willem-Alexander was inaugurated as king. This does not only mean that we have a new monarch; it also means the end of Queensday, and the beginning of Kingsday!

Last year we celebrated the former Queen's birthday with our Queen For A Day bracelets and earrings. Of course we want to celebrate the King's birthday as well by the introduction of this unique handmade bracelet. This piece of jewelry is made of four glass beaded bracelets in the colours of the Dutch flag and banner, and a silver-coloured crown charm. This cute limited-edition bracelet is now for sale on our webshop! 

Especially for you guys we would like to offer this bracelet and the rest of our jewelry with a 10% discount! This discount lasts until Wednesday April 22nd. You can get 10% off if you fill in the following code with your order:


If you want to wear it on King's Day, make sure you order on time! :)

Lisa and Ivanna

PS: If you want to see us and our jewelry in real life, we will be joining the freemarket in Vlaardingen on April 26, as usual! ;)

April 11, 2014

Friday's Fabulous Photos - Pastel colors

We love pastel colors!! The sweet and soft tones are seen quite often nowadays in all kinds of fields; in home decorations, fashion (clothing as well as hair dye) and even in food. Pastel colors remind us of spring and give a calm and romantic feeling. We are really in the mood for buying some stuff in those colors in order to get the real springtime vibes. And about the macarons on the picture.. Ivanna is convinced that she's going to make them herself in the very near future. Lisa told her she tried it recently and that it's very difficult to make them, so unfortunately they didn't come out as planned, but still. We feel like a blog post is going to roll out of this idea, no matter what!

Lisa & Ivanna

April 9, 2014

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom - Dream your dreams

Last week I finished my internship at the veterinary clinic in Rotterdam. I got the chance to meet several veterinarians, and not only did I learn different techniques in veterinary practice, I also learned some lessons about life. My mentor motivated me everyday and showed me some insight in his career and his view on becoming professional, but also, becoming happy in life. Some of the things that he taught me are things that he tries to do himself everyday and got him to the position where he is now: the manager of five successful veterinary clinics. 

What he taught me was: Learn new things everyday and never stop developing yourself. Learn from your mistakes, evaluate and try to figure out what you can do better next time. This development may take years, you're not going to be perfect at your job instantly. And you can never be perfect, you can only do the best you can. Most important, is to always set your own goals. And of course, to do what you love.


April 8, 2014

Etsy Nautical

Ahoy sailor! We've made a collection of our favourite items on Etsy that relate to the theme 'Nautical'. We've included items that are for sale on webshops from all over the world. We think these items together look very adventurous and are perfect for the time of the year.

What do you think of this theme? Does it fit your style?

If you want to see the pictures in better quality, or want to find the shops where they sell these items, you can click here.

Lisa & Ivanna

April 6, 2014

Weekly Inspiration Post - Customer's Choice

Normally, in our Weekly Inspiration Posts, we show you combinations of jewelry that we put together ourselves because we think it would be a good idea for a set. However, we found that our customers are sometimes more inventive than we are. They order items that fit very well together, which gives us some inspiration as well!
Recently we got a message from a very sweet customer: she sent us some photos of the bracelets that she received from us after ordering in our webshop and showed us what they look like when she wears them! We think she ordered a very nice set; the two bracelets match very well and look very cheerful together.

If you want to show us and our followers your order sometime, let us know, and we will post the photos on our blog!:)

Lisa & Ivanna

April 1, 2014

Men's jewelry now online!

Last Sunday we proudly announced that we finished our men's jewelry collection. This was also the moment that we were going to start focussing on making all the item listings on Etsy, which is really a lot more work than you would think. In order to get a good view on the product for the customers, it is important to add a detailed description to all items. And of course, since this is why we wanted to make jewelry, describe our thoughts and ideas on the separate pieces by explaining the used symbols and adding matching quotes. You can imagine that this can take a while, but in the end this is what we want to do and what distinguishes us from commercial jewelry production. 
We also asked Lisa's boyfriend very nicely to pose with our freshly made jewelry so that we can show you what it looks like on someone. Below we created an impression of the whole collection. More close-up photo's and how-to-wear photo's, and of course all the unique items, can be found in our webshop

Lisa & Ivanna

March 26, 2014

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom - A.A. Milne on friendship

Since this lovely piece by A.A. Milne is quite self-explanatory, we won't bore you with our analysis of it. We simply wanted to share it, because we think it is one of the cutest "poems" ever written about love/friendship (and because a little Winnie the Pooh makes every day a little brighter ;) ).

xx Lisa & Ivanna

PS: We loved this piece so much, it inspired us to make this set of bracelets.

March 24, 2014

Monday's Musical Delight: Playlist #30: An Homage To Men

As you may have noticed, we spent most of the past few weeks working on our men's jewelry collection. Of course, we wouldn't have made this collection if we didn't love men so much (because we do, and sometimes that just needs to be said ;) ), so I figured a little homage in the form of a playlist would be fitting. Enjoy!


PS: My apologies for the more somber song at the end, but it's one of my favourite songs about men ever, so I had to put it in here!  

PPS: I never noticed how incredibly hard it is to find positive songs about men.. Do you know any?

March 23, 2014

New: The Men's Collection

Instead of our usual “Weekly Inspiration” post, we’ve got some very good news to share with you today: we have finally finished our men’s jewelry collection! Maybe you remember our little Moodboard that we posted a few weeks ago to show you what we were doing? Well, this is the result: 

We tried to make this collection as diverse as possible, using lots of different materials, and mixing different styles. The thing that binds this all together, though, is exactly the concept we started with: “adventures”. We wanted to make a strong, masculine collection, that is easy to combine, and makes the man wearing it seem like he collected the pieces himself from all over the world. As a matter of fact, you could say that this collection is one great “journey”! 

We start our journey with these anchor and compass necklaces. We love using symbols in our jewelry, and we couldn’t think of anything more appropriate to symbolize the idea of traveling than these!

Obviously, when you travel the world, you also come across more “primitive” places. The kind of places where cavemen are still hunting down mammoths with spears and arrows. Those places don’t exist anymore, do they? Well, perhaps we just needed an excuse to use arrows :p

Because we love arrows so much, necklaces alone weren't enough; we also made a sturdy arrow bracelet. The rough leather, chunky beads, and big clasps also match the "primitiveness" we were talking about.

Instead of merely using black and dark brown, which seems way too common in today’s men’s accessories, we tried using lighter materials as well, such as cork, bone, and wood. The light colours and natural materials, give the pieces a summery and beachy feel. Think of the tropical islands you pass on your journey, pirates, and hidden treasures.

Of course, since black and dark brown are still the most popular colours among men, we figured we’d best do them a favour. After all, there is something incredibly manly about these colours, especially when they’re combined with these rough pyrite beads, and cool charms. Imagine tribal warriors and brave knights and the like ;)

The next couple of days we’re going to retreat into our imaginary caves and devote ourselves entirely to the tedious task of writing our Etsy listings for these new items. So, we’re gonna get ourselves some more coffee!

xx Lisa & Ivanna

March 22, 2014

Sims 1 Diary

Last Thursday I told you about my love for the computergame the Sims 1. I introduced you to the last household that I created and to the crazy life of one of my sims. Here are some moments from my sim's diary.. Enjoy!

"Everything is going wrong. My house burns down every week, because I can't cook. My fridge is completely empty, because I am a terrible singer and don't earn any money with it. I'm feeling so depressed. That's why I went to town to buy a turtle (that comes in a small yellow paper package)."

March 20, 2014

The Sims 1

One day I was watching videos on Youtube, just for the fun of it. You will all recognize that I suddenly found myself watching videos that I didn't intend to watch, but that suddenly just came on my path. One video in particular made that a new phase in my life started. Or actually, it made me rediscover this phase. The video was a parody of the computer game the Sims 1, where a guy pretended to be a sim and acted just like a character in the game (find the video here). This was the moment that I went complete retro and started to play this game again (I got the Complete Collection).

March 18, 2014

Etsy Vintage Nature

In January we first started with the idea to show you our favourite items on Etsy by creating a 'treasury' list of items that fit a specific subject. Last time we showed you our favourite Valentine's Day items. This time we made a treasury in the category of 'Vintage Nature'. 

What we collected were items with more or less the same color tones, ranging from brown to blue. This resembles nature of both earth and sea and makes the whole collection coherent. The graphics that are used on some items appear old-fashioned and antique and seem to be derived from an old biology book. Ivanna immediately fell in love with the hand printed shirts of Friendly Oak and wanted to buy them all; Lisa is crazy about the antler necklaces.

If you want to see the pictures in better quality, or want to find the shops where they sell these items, you can click here.

Do you like this style? Which is your favourite item?

Lisa and Ivanna

March 16, 2014

Weekly Inspiration Post - Natural and sturdy

Two weeks ago we showed you a collage of sweet, romantic jewelry that you can wear on a relaxing Sunday afternoon. This week we created a collage of jewelry that is more sturdy and contains 'earthy' tones, which gives these sets a natural look. We combined a variety of charm bracelets with different symbols. In our web shop you will find that a large part of our jewelry is available in different colors and with different charms. This means that you can be creative and combine the same sets as shown below, but in other variations!

What do you think of this look?


Lisa and Ivanna

March 12, 2014

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom - Friedrich Nietzsche "and those who were seen dancing"

Sometimes, when we're working on a project and are talking about it to other people, they seem to be surprised about our enthusiasm. They like that we enjoy what we're doing, but they don't really seem to get it, and often when we're ranting to them about our ideas for a new collection, or our blog lay-out, they look at us with raised eyebrows. Do you recognize that - that you get really excited about something, and other people don't understand your enthousiasm, because they don't see the beauty that you can see? Luckily, we found a perfect quote that describes this! It's always nice to know that you're not really crazy, dont you think? ;)

Lisa & Ivanna

March 10, 2014

Monday's Musical Delight - Playlist #29: Indie Invasion

Yesterday, Ivanna and I worked all day on gathering new supplies for the major projects we have coming up in the course of the next few months - Queensday, our men's bracelets (which we will probably be finishing this week!), and some new, secret plans. We ordered some of it online, mostly things we were running short on, but we also received an enormous amount of new materials from Ivanna's mother in law :D It's such a shame we can't show you, seeing as we don't want to give away our new plans yet..

But we really have an awful lot of materials now, and still the same tiny bit of space to store it. So today, I spent most of the day reorganising everything, which is actually quite a fun job if you have nice music playing in the background!


PS: I know "indie" is not really a genre; it just covered all the songs in the list so nicely ;)

March 9, 2014

Weekly Inspiration Post - Jewelry Rack

Sometimes you just have so many pieces of jewelry that you don't know where to put them. We also have these issues regularly, which is why we were very happy to display our jewelry on an elegant jewelry rack during our photoshoot. 
The jewelry is sorted by color and style; the picture on the left shows a collection of colourful, bright and bohemian jewelry, while on the right we created a collection of jewelry that has a calm and natural appearance and reminds of the sea and beach.

Which style is your favourite? Let us know! 

Lisa and Ivanna

March 7, 2014

Friday's Fabulous Photos - Rough Textures

We've been pretty preoccupied with our men's jewelry lately, and we're very, very sorry that we have not even offered you a glimpse of it! We had simply forgotten how much work and time it takes to make a collection like this, when you also have to worry about work and internships. The funny thing is that making the jewelry doesn't even take that long - it's the whole process of ordering supplies, trying out different things, photographing the items, and eventually creating a "listing" with all the information, that takes a while.
To make a long story short: we'll give you a sneak peek real soon, and we hope to have the collection online this month. In the meantime, you can gaze at these mesmerizing pictures of different rough textures that - at least partly - inspired us.

Have a great weekend!

Lisa & Ivanna

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March 3, 2014

Monday's Musical Delight - Playlist #28: Modern Soul

When people ask me what kind of music I like, I usually respond with "uhm pop? and rock..?", because these words pretty much encompass half of modern day music, and most people understand what you mean by it. Of course, these descriptions are pretty vague (and boring), and can quite easily be subdivided in and led back to many other genres, that are far more specific. Like bluesrock. Or Britpop. Or death metal. When you look at it like that, I really like a lot of genres! One of the genres that I have been listening to a lot lately, is soul. Not the original soul though, but things they call "neo soul" and "blue-eyed soul" nowadays (because we love making up new labels :p) But that's enough talk for now - bring on the music!


PS: Do you like a particular genre of music?

March 2, 2014

Weekly Inspiration Post - Romantic Sunday Afternoon

A romantic Sunday afternoon.. The perfect moment to relax and enjoy your time with your favourite quiet activities. Having a high tea with your friends, going out for lunch with your boyfriend, reading a good book, going for a long walk or watch your favourite series. A good moment to withdraw with a cup of tea and recover from a busy week or from parties that you joined during the weekend.
During this shoot we wanted to capture a soft and romantic atmosphere, using light colours and sweet accessories. The jewelry that we picked in this collage is romantic and playful and an be worn during all kinds of Sunday activities - on a romantic date, while hanging out with friends, or just when chilling at home. Speaking of which, we think that's what we're gonna do right now..

What do you love to do most on a Sunday afternoon?

Lisa and Ivanna

February 28, 2014

Fridays Fabulous Photos - Spring is back

The last couple of weeks I've been working inside most of the time, so I didn't notice what was happening with the weather, or even with the whole world, to be honest. This afternoon I was heading home by bus and when I was looking through the window, I suddenly saw it! Winter is coming to an end! There were spring flowers everywhere!! Even the sun was shining and I instantly got into the spring mood. The result is a lovely collage of sweet spring blossoms.

What is your favourite season?


February 26, 2014

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom - We are the music makers

When we first heard this famous quote in the film adaptation of Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, we thought this was just another one of Roald Dahl's incredible truisms. However, this phrase happens to be the beginning of a wonderful poem by Arthur O'Shaughnessy, Ode!

We are the music makers,
And we are the dreamers of dreams,
Wandering by lone sea-breakers,
And sitting by desolate streams;—
World-losers and world-forsakers,
On whom the pale moon gleams:
Yet we are the movers and shakers
Of the world for ever, it seems.
Above, you can see the first verse; you can find the full poem here. Don't you think it's absolutely beautiful? We still think the first two lines are the most illustrative - the most renowned anyway -, but now that we know the entire poem, they seem to mean even more. We sure can't wait to get to work and make something out of this!

Lisa & Ivanna

February 25, 2014

Lisa's Juicer

Homemade juices seem to be very hot and happening the last few months, and I have been responding frantically on anything juice-related on numerous blogs and forums. However, I completely forgot to blog about my own juicer! I've had this baby (a Princess VitaPure 202041) since November, and I don't think I have ever been more in love. It juices anything - hard, fibry stuff like carrots, beets, and ginger, but also the softer citrus fruits, mangos and pears it has no trouble with. It does seem to have some issues with squeezing all of the juice out of the softer fruits and veggies, but I found that alternating between hard and soft pieces while juicing, solves this problem pretty much entirely.

February 24, 2014

Monday's Musical Delight - Playlist #27: Get On Your Dancing Shoes

For today's Musical Delight, I planned to make a playlist with modern soul songs, but since today is such a happy day for me (my boyfriend and I are celebrating our 9 year anniversary!), I decided to postpone it. Soul isn't particularly cheerful after all :p So, let's celebrate the start of this wonderful week by dancing our way into it to these joyful tunes! Enjoy!


February 23, 2014

Weekly Inspiration Post - Hippie Bohemian

As we said before, we recently spent a Sunday afternoon with a Kristel Veenstra, a sister of a friend of ours, who happens to be a photography student. We spent the whole day at her house to photograph our jewelry. As we did or tried to do with all our Weekly Inspiration Posts so far, we tried to come up with combinations as diverse as possible. Only now, we actually wore them. We tried to create combinations that were not only diverse, but also realistic - this is how we would wear our jewelry ourselves. Of course, if you have different ideas of how to style or combine our jewelry, we would love to hear from you! From now on we will try to show more of how to wear the jewelry instead of just combinations on a white background.

The collage below clearly shows the diversity we were talking about. It's summery, bohemian, hippie, colourfula complete mengelmoes of textures and materials. We really like to combine different materials, which is really not that hard if you stick to a certain colour palette, in this case brown, pink and turquoise.

How do you combine your jewelry?

Lisa and Ivanna

February 21, 2014

Fridays Fabulous Photos - Individual

Two weeks ago I started with my internship of Veterinary Medicine and I have already met a lot of new people. My days are very busy, I am learning a lot of new things in a short period of time and I get to see different techniques that are used by the veterinarians that I work with. In just a couple of months I will graduate and at the moment I am focusing on developing my own methods. With all the possibilities and different approaches that I observe it is sometimes difficult to create your own ideas. This does not only apply to my internship, but actually to a lot of things. That is why I chose to make a collage with lovely pictures of  'one' being in the centre. These pictures show individuality, freedom, and maybe also a bit loneliness, because that is what you sometimes get through when developing yourself to being a unique person. But that isn't always a bad thing as long as you know that you are not completely on your own! :)

xx Ivanna

February 16, 2014

Weekly Inspiration Post - Crisp Spring Colours

Since today was such a wonderful, sunny day, we went for a nice stroll on the beach with our friends. It really was a lot of fun to be together again, the five of us, on such a a peaceful Sunday afternoon, and the magnificent blue skies and crisp sea breeze made this day absolutely perfect! It's quite absurd to realise that most parts of the world are still struggling with harsh winter weather, because we really seem to have skipped winter and moved right into spring. Not that we're complaining :p We can't wait for the actual spring to set in, to delight us with colour!

This bright set contains a blue Fresh Spring Leaves, a blue Royal Princess, and a Ménage À Trois with a tiny heart charm.

Lisa & Ivanna

February 14, 2014

Friday's Fabulous Photos - Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! We hope you all had (and will continue to have!) a wonderful day. Personally, we don't really celebrate Valentine's Day with our boyfriends - mainly because we sort of celebrate every time we see them, but also because we're just not very fond of the expensive gifts and cheesy Hallmark cards. However, there are lots of other ways to celebrate your love for each other: go to the movies on a Thursday afternoon, cook breakfast together and enjoy it in bed, show up with an enormous bunch of handpicked flowers, go for a long walk in the woods or on the beach... Anyway, you get the point.

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day?

Have a lovely (and loving) day!
Lisa & Ivanna

walk, music paper flowers, candy hearts, flour heart

February 12, 2014

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom - Maya Angelou

Only two days until Valentine's Day! To be very honest, neither of us really does anything romantic on this day, despite both of us having a boyfriend, but we do think it is nice to have a day that evolves around one of the most beautiful things in this world: love. (Of course, we're not just referring to romantic love here, but also love between friends, siblings, etcetera) After all, isn't this what life is all about - loving each other and making each other happy?

What is "love" according to you?

Lisa & Ivanna

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February 10, 2014

Monday's Musical Delight - Playlist #26: Love Songs

With Valentine's Day around the corner, I thought it fitting to make a list of love songs. Since most of the (pop) songs throughout history are about love, I had to make a thorough selection :p You might notice most of the songs are pretty old, which has mostly to do with my fondness of old music. Also, most of today's love songs seem to be very cynical and bitter, and often seem to address unanswered love and broken hearts, wheres the older songs are more happy and uplifting! Or maybe it's just my blurred vision :p Anyways, have a great week, and I hope these songs with put you in the mood for Valentine's Day!


PS: What are your favourite love songs?

February 9, 2014

Weekly Inspiration Post - Subtle Mix of Colours

Today's set is a combination of subtle colours. Due to the use of pastels, the set seems mellow and dreamy, whereas the deeper brown and teal add a little more spice. We enjoy making "unlikely" combinations - mixing colours and styles that you wouldn't normally expect, and we think this set does exactly that. This assemblage contains a teal Little Peace, and a lilac tourmaline Royal Princess, which are both from our older collections. It also holds the fairly new white Misty Dreams, and a dark brown Ojibwa Princess with a mint green tassel.

Lisa and Ivanna

PS: In case you wish to order any of these, make sure to be quick! We still have a 14% discount in our shop ^^

February 4, 2014

Shop Update: Behind-the-scenes - Handling Orders

Not really a shop update, but since we've been so busy with our shop lately, we thought it would be nice to talk about our "behind-the-scenes" process a little more! We love pretty much everything we do for our blog and shop (except for writing Etsy listings, which is kind of a drag :p), but the thing we love most is handling orders. Because ultimately, that is what it's all about: making our jewelry, and trying to make our customers happy. So, today we will share a little insight in our process of handling orders!

Firstly, when we receive an order, we immediately start creating and/or adjusting the items. In case of bracelets, we might have to adjust the size, or create a new bracelet altogether. Sometimes the customer can choose from a variety of colours or charms, and we will make and adjust the items to the customers desires. Since we often have just one piece per design in store for pictures, we usually have to make the ordered item from scratch. This takes a bit of time, but personally we like that we can really put our heart and soul into that one piece!

February 3, 2014

Monday's Musical Delight - Playlist #25: Guitar Songs

Since I've already made two playlists with Drum Songs, I figured it would also be fun to make one with songs that I like to play on the guitar. I haven't really played guitar in quite a while, but since I put a set of new strings on my acoustic western, I really felt like playing again! Mind you, I'm not the next Jimmy Page or something, so the songs I play are rather simple, but they are fun nonetheless! And if you don't want to play along, they're quite nice to listen to as well ;)

Have a great week!


February 1, 2014

Valentines Day Discount

Dear everyone, we know Valentine's Day is almost two weeks away, but we think you can never start stocking up on presents early enough. After all, how wonderful is it to show your loved ones how much you care about them, with nice presents? However, we are well aware that everybody is still financially recovering from the expensive December month, so we decided to give you a discount code for our very own shop! You can get a 14% discount on all items in our shop by using the code:


This code is valid from February 1st until 14th.

Happy shopping Valentine's Day!

Lots of love,
Lisa & Ivanna