August 19, 2012

Creative Day!

Today, Lisa and I met at my place to let our creativity flow and make some nice, new items for our webshop! 

Some time ago we came up with the idea that we wanted to use leather cords as a new basic material for our bracelets. It fits perfectly with the rest of our collection because of its natural appearance and moreover, it is very suitable for men bracelets! We also ordered some nice beads on Etsy, where we found an enormous assortment of ceramic skull and peace beads in all kinds of colours. 


The last couple of days have been wonderful! The sun is finally shining, and I feel like I must enjoy every minute of it.

So, a couple of days ago I just sat down in my garden to relax for a while. Our garden – which is more like a tiny courtyard - is not very big, but at the moment it's a gorgeous explosion of plants and flowers.

August 17, 2012

"Working" at Ivanna's

Dear readers of our new little blog,

since we had both spent some time away on holidays, and unfortunately had to spend a lot of time on our studies as well, we had not worked on our jewelry shop for a while. Therefore, we decided to meet at Ivanna's and work on some new stuff. We did not spend a whole lot a time on that, though, because we got a little destracted.(This happens a lot!) The reason for this is that we had been working on this blog for a couple of days and were really excited about this. So, while we were talking about it yesterday, we thought it would be fun to make some photobooth-style pictures of ourselves to add to the “About Us” section.