August 17, 2012

"Working" at Ivanna's

Dear readers of our new little blog,

since we had both spent some time away on holidays, and unfortunately had to spend a lot of time on our studies as well, we had not worked on our jewelry shop for a while. Therefore, we decided to meet at Ivanna's and work on some new stuff. We did not spend a whole lot a time on that, though, because we got a little destracted.(This happens a lot!) The reason for this is that we had been working on this blog for a couple of days and were really excited about this. So, while we were talking about it yesterday, we thought it would be fun to make some photobooth-style pictures of ourselves to add to the “About Us” section.

We figured we would just make some nice pictures with the self-timer, and get back to work after that. However, it took a little while for us to get everything going, and we had some problems with the self-timer. This, we were able to solve with some elastic bands and a piece of eraser gum.

It was a little frightening at first, since neither of us really enjoys modelling for pictures, and the camera was clicking so fast! But once we got the hang of it, it was really fun! Most of the pictures were rubbish, but since we made about 2000 or so, we managed to pick a few nice ones.


PS: The result will be up in a couple of days, but I cannot deny you a little taste: 

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