August 19, 2012


The last couple of days have been wonderful! The sun is finally shining, and I feel like I must enjoy every minute of it.

So, a couple of days ago I just sat down in my garden to relax for a while. Our garden – which is more like a tiny courtyard - is not very big, but at the moment it's a gorgeous explosion of plants and flowers.
We even have a grape plant climbing along all four walls. This year it has been doing really well, so it is full of grape bunches that are almost ready to eat. We even made our own little herb and vegetable garden, in which we recently planted a raspberry plant, from which I can eat one raspberry a day. They look exactly like the store-bought kind, but taste ten times better, because we grew them ourselves!

This reminds me of something else, which is a bit sad. Last week, I went to the veterinarian with Lisa's boyfriend and his mother. His pet hedgehog Jebediah had become very ill, and we were on our way to a specialized vet clinic. Unfortunately, the hedgehog died during the trip. We drove back to Lisa's place and buried him in her backyard in a small box filled with flowers, and put some pepper plants on the grave to mark it.

Now, despite the sadness of the story, it does make the idea of growing our own fruit and vegetabels even more special. It seems a bit eerie, but I really like the idea behind it: soon we will have our very own, unique Jebediah Peppers!

Extra hot and prickley.


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