August 19, 2012

Creative Day!

Today, Lisa and I met at my place to let our creativity flow and make some nice, new items for our webshop! 

Some time ago we came up with the idea that we wanted to use leather cords as a new basic material for our bracelets. It fits perfectly with the rest of our collection because of its natural appearance and moreover, it is very suitable for men bracelets! We also ordered some nice beads on Etsy, where we found an enormous assortment of ceramic skull and peace beads in all kinds of colours. 

When the order arrived this weekend, we couldn't wait to get started! We have been very productive today and we made a lot of new bracelets, for both women and men.

I also like the meaning of the skull beads that we use. It is a symbol from Mexico and is associated with the celebration of the 'Day of the Dead'. The idea behind this is that the sooner you accept that death is a fact and realize that it will come one day, the sooner you start living with love and compassion. "Live life and embrace death."


PS: This is the webshop on Etsy where we ordered our beads! They have a great collection of cheerful materials and their shop is very clear and organized.


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