October 28, 2012

Culture by Night

Every year at the end of October, a special event is organized in our city. It is called 'De Nacht van de Nacht'  (translation: the Night of the Night). During this event, attention is paid to the environmental pollution in our region, and in particular to light pollution. The city where we live is close to great areas of industry and greenhouses, which produce a lot of light. Together with the city lights, the effect is clearly visible when it is cloudy; the sky by night is often not dark blue, but orange. Most people that live in this region are already used to this, which also applies to me. But when I travel from the city to rural areas or when I'm on a holiday in the forests, I am reminded of the differences. 
The goal of 'De Nacht van de Nacht' is to make people aware of the use of energy and the effect that it has on the environment. It is also introduced to herald the Daylight Saving Time ('wintertime'). Art and culture are used on this evening to achieve a feeling of solidarity among all visitors. 

October 20, 2012

Playlist #3

I have never been an autumn person. Everybody around me is talking about how wonderful the world looks with those beautiful colours, and how romantic it is, and how much they like their new sweaters. I don't like sweaters. And I don't think there is anything romantic about dead leaves and cycling to work in the pouring rain. To me, fall is just wet. Wet and cold.

Of course, as anything in life, even fall has its good sides. My favourite thing about fall is sitting in my room with a steaming hot latte and my CDs. As the music blends with the ticking of the rain on my window, nothing could make me happier.

October 14, 2012

Autumn Promotion (Free Skull Bracelets!)

Today we wanted to go outside and make some pictures of the fall scenery to use for a new promotion campaign that we came up with. We wanted to capture the nice details of this season, like the colourful yellow and red leafs, spider webs, mushrooms and the late afternoon sun shining through the trees. But unfortunately, this day did not turn out as romantic as we hoped, as the fall caused exactly what it does best in the Netherlands: a lot of rain. So we decided to stay inside and have a meeting online, with a cup of tea :)

October 12, 2012


Rotterdam is the nearest place for us to go to when we want to have a big shopping day. It has the most trendy clothing stores in the region, great restaurants, large warehouses and media stores. Rotterdam is also recognizable by its art and culture, to which much attention is paid. The most notable part about Rotterdam however, is its architecture.

October 8, 2012

Meeting at DE Café

Last weekend, we met at the Douwe Egberts Café in Rotterdam to discuss some new ideas for our shop. The atmosphere in this café is very cozy and homely. At the same time the interior has a modern look and has place for people who want to chat with friends, but also for people who want to study with their laptop or read some magazines. This place is really inviting to have an informal meeting on creative projects like ours!