October 20, 2012

Playlist #3

I have never been an autumn person. Everybody around me is talking about how wonderful the world looks with those beautiful colours, and how romantic it is, and how much they like their new sweaters. I don't like sweaters. And I don't think there is anything romantic about dead leaves and cycling to work in the pouring rain. To me, fall is just wet. Wet and cold.

Of course, as anything in life, even fall has its good sides. My favourite thing about fall is sitting in my room with a steaming hot latte and my CDs. As the music blends with the ticking of the rain on my window, nothing could make me happier.

Since the last couple of weeks have been very hectic (I'm so glad the end of my thesis is finally in sight!), I spent most of my free time listening to calm and quiet songs. The songs below may sound a bit bleak and melancholic, but to me they feel like a warm, comfortabel blanket, and together with my coffee, these will help me through the most awful rainy days. Enjoy!

xx Lisa

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