October 12, 2012


Rotterdam is the nearest place for us to go to when we want to have a big shopping day. It has the most trendy clothing stores in the region, great restaurants, large warehouses and media stores. Rotterdam is also recognizable by its art and culture, to which much attention is paid. The most notable part about Rotterdam however, is its architecture.

In 1940 during World War II, the centre of the city was bombed by the German army. After the war, there was a wish for something new, so damaged buildings were destroyed and modern buildings were introduced. In those years also the Central Station for public transport was build, as well as trade centers and there was an emergence of an industrial area. The harbor of Rotterdam became one of the largest ones in the world.   
Nowadays, Rotterdam has a lot of buildings with modern architecture which are typical for the city. We took some pictures of recognizable places to show you.


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