March 22, 2014

Sims 1 Diary

Last Thursday I told you about my love for the computergame the Sims 1. I introduced you to the last household that I created and to the crazy life of one of my sims. Here are some moments from my sim's diary.. Enjoy!

"Everything is going wrong. My house burns down every week, because I can't cook. My fridge is completely empty, because I am a terrible singer and don't earn any money with it. I'm feeling so depressed. That's why I went to town to buy a turtle (that comes in a small yellow paper package)."

"The dates with Dolf are a complete disaster. The first date actually went well; we had dinner in a chic restaurant, and even though I paid for the whole evening, there was hope for the future. On the second date I picked some clothes for him. Maybe shopping isn't the best choice for a date, but Dolf was constantly moody about the outfits I chose for him. Also the date at my place didn't go that well, because he is only interested in nature and weather and clearly I don't want to talk about that."

"On the twentieth date or so, Dolf is still acting like a cold frog and doesn't want to dance with me. We don't seem to have a lot in common and I decide to set my mind on other things. I go completely crazy on the dancefloor with the other girls and act like I don't care at an important photoshoot. By night I make wooden gnomes until I almost drop dead, because I am so frustrated."

"I am so sick about the whole situation and the fact that I am the only one putting a lot of effort in our relationship, so I turn Dolf into a toad. Unfortunately the spell doesn't last long."

"I booked a holiday to give him a second chance and picked an adventurous setting especially for him. Then I noticed that he doesn't want to sleep in a tent with me. The whole night he stood outside, waiting for me to come out because he didn't want to sleep in the same bed. Now he's extremely tired but I don't care. I'm making burgers."

"That's it. I spent all my money on him and invited him to every fun activity in town. I gave him intimate hugs almost every five minutes that I saw him. And eventually, I am still in the friend zone. I decided to build a fence around him so that he can't get out and I am going to bed myself. Good night."

xx Ivanna

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