March 20, 2014

The Sims 1

One day I was watching videos on Youtube, just for the fun of it. You will all recognize that I suddenly found myself watching videos that I didn't intend to watch, but that suddenly just came on my path. One video in particular made that a new phase in my life started. Or actually, it made me rediscover this phase. The video was a parody of the computer game the Sims 1, where a guy pretended to be a sim and acted just like a character in the game (find the video here). This was the moment that I went complete retro and started to play this game again (I got the Complete Collection).

The Sims 1 was first launched in the year 2000 and you can imagine, or remember, that the graphics weren't as pretty as they are nowadays. Also, the actions of the characters are quite simple. That is exactly what makes this game so great. Things can go terribly wrong when your boyfriend is standing in the doorway and you can't get out of the bathroom. Or when your kitchen is too small and the entire household wants to take a plate from the kitchen counter at the same time. Or when you constantly burn your food which results in a complete burn down of all the furniture, which makes you decide that you're only going to eat salads for the rest of your life. These things can result in complete life dramas.

Also, the music in the Sims 1 is very addictive. I think I can hum along with all the songs, especially those that are played while the game is in Build or Buy mode, because I'm always spending a lot of time on building and buying things. Last time when Lisa and I were having a meeting for Spring to Fall, we played the 8 hour long playlist, which was very relaxing and brought back all the nostalgic feelings. You can find this playlist here.

The last household that I created was that of a single woman who has a serious ambition to become famous. She doesn't know in what field she wants to be famous yet (singer, moviestar, fashion stylist, artist), but she is going to be sómething. She lives in a very colourful, bohemian house on wooden poles, which you can see above. She met a guy named Dolf at Studio City and she instantly fell in love with him, because he has an alternative look and the colors of his outfit match those of her house. It was meant to be.
Unfortunately, her life didn't go as planned. As the big nerd that I am, I made a selection of events from my sim's life and composed a dramatic photodiary, which I will publish on Saturday...!

Do you remember this game? Did you play it during your childhood or teenage years? Or do you have another game that you played often? Let us know!:)


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