March 23, 2014

New: The Men's Collection

Instead of our usual “Weekly Inspiration” post, we’ve got some very good news to share with you today: we have finally finished our men’s jewelry collection! Maybe you remember our little Moodboard that we posted a few weeks ago to show you what we were doing? Well, this is the result: 

We tried to make this collection as diverse as possible, using lots of different materials, and mixing different styles. The thing that binds this all together, though, is exactly the concept we started with: “adventures”. We wanted to make a strong, masculine collection, that is easy to combine, and makes the man wearing it seem like he collected the pieces himself from all over the world. As a matter of fact, you could say that this collection is one great “journey”! 

We start our journey with these anchor and compass necklaces. We love using symbols in our jewelry, and we couldn’t think of anything more appropriate to symbolize the idea of traveling than these!

Obviously, when you travel the world, you also come across more “primitive” places. The kind of places where cavemen are still hunting down mammoths with spears and arrows. Those places don’t exist anymore, do they? Well, perhaps we just needed an excuse to use arrows :p

Because we love arrows so much, necklaces alone weren't enough; we also made a sturdy arrow bracelet. The rough leather, chunky beads, and big clasps also match the "primitiveness" we were talking about.

Instead of merely using black and dark brown, which seems way too common in today’s men’s accessories, we tried using lighter materials as well, such as cork, bone, and wood. The light colours and natural materials, give the pieces a summery and beachy feel. Think of the tropical islands you pass on your journey, pirates, and hidden treasures.

Of course, since black and dark brown are still the most popular colours among men, we figured we’d best do them a favour. After all, there is something incredibly manly about these colours, especially when they’re combined with these rough pyrite beads, and cool charms. Imagine tribal warriors and brave knights and the like ;)

The next couple of days we’re going to retreat into our imaginary caves and devote ourselves entirely to the tedious task of writing our Etsy listings for these new items. So, we’re gonna get ourselves some more coffee!

xx Lisa & Ivanna

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