March 7, 2014

Friday's Fabulous Photos - Rough Textures

We've been pretty preoccupied with our men's jewelry lately, and we're very, very sorry that we have not even offered you a glimpse of it! We had simply forgotten how much work and time it takes to make a collection like this, when you also have to worry about work and internships. The funny thing is that making the jewelry doesn't even take that long - it's the whole process of ordering supplies, trying out different things, photographing the items, and eventually creating a "listing" with all the information, that takes a while.
To make a long story short: we'll give you a sneak peek real soon, and we hope to have the collection online this month. In the meantime, you can gaze at these mesmerizing pictures of different rough textures that - at least partly - inspired us.

Have a great weekend!

Lisa & Ivanna

staples, stone wall, leather, labrodorite

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