December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas! (+ Glass Ornaments DIY)

Merry Christmas everyone!

We realise it has once again been very quiet around here, and we are very sorry for that. We had a perfectly fine reason for this, though, because lately we have been working on our very own Youtube channel! 

Our plan is to post videos with DIYs, recipes, reviews - practically anything we always want to put up here, but never really make time for. Why start a Youtube channel then? Good question. We probably just needed something new to experiment with. A new platform, and a new way of presenting ourselves. Don't worry, our blog is not going anywhere - in fact, we actually hope it might inspire us to use it more often! :)

Anyways, there would be no point in announcing our channel if it was still empty, so hereby we want to present to you our very first DIY video:

Of course, we would love to hear (read?) your reactions, either in the comment section below, or on Youtube. So if you have any questions, feedback, or just random remarks, let us know! Be nice, though ;)
We hope we'll post more soon, but for now we just feel like watching sappy Christmas movies. Again a very merry Christmas to you all!
Lots of love,
Lisa & Ivanna

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