October 30, 2014

Halloween Treat: Bug Candy

I don't know why I've put of writing this piece for so long. I guess these things still creep me out a little bit (I'm not as tough as Ivanna, who eats bugs like it's nothing). But with Halloween around the corner, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to show you my bug candy!

My what? My bug candy. Or rather: bugs in candy. I know, I was just as creeped out as you are. Or maybe you're not creeped out at all, and I'm just a pussy... Anyways, I got these from my boyfriend for my birthday a while ago. He always comes up with these crazy gifts. He thought it would be fun to let me close my eyes and lick the blue lollipop with the freaking scorpion in it. Which resulted in this:

However, once I got over the fact that I had just licked a sugar coated scorpion, I actually found it pretty awesome! I mean, disgusting as it may be, the candy actually looks quite beautiful. I love the bright pastel colours, and you can see every little detail on the bugs. I'm not particaularly impressed by the looks of the mealworm, but the scorpions look incredible! The larger pieces of candy are also quite beautiful, but those have been touched up a bit with edible flowers as butterfly wings, and a nice background for the ants. The candy itself is pretty tasty as well. The blue one is blueberry flavoured ^^

So, this is how far I got on my blue scorpion lollipop so far - no matter how tasty the candy is, I just can't bring myself to actually eat the scorpion... Any encouraging words?


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