January 15, 2015

For the love of cats

Oh my lord, it's 2015 already! I know we're already 2 weeks in, but today I caught myself once again writing 12/01/201415. So yeah, I still can't believe how time flies.

I may not have shared a lot on the topic, but my boyfriend and I have been living together for six months now, and it has been absolutely wonderful. However, we did feel like something was missing. See, in my 25 years on this planet, I have never not had pets, and I felt terrible about leaving my two lovely cats behind with my parents.

Just look at them - aren't they perfectly adorable? I miss them so much. My boyfriend never had any pets himself, but he's also completely in love with them. Obviously, we can't just kidnap these two from my parental house, so we decided to adopt our own little furry kitten ^^ This was a slight problem, since we live in an anti-squat house*, which means we are not really allowed to have any pets unless we get explicit consent for them. And we got our consent this week!

As if by magic, everything seems to fall into place, since my former neighbours just happen to have a litter of the cutest little kittens ever. They only have three kittens - a red male, a black/white male, and a black/white female - but we're already having difficulties choosing. They are only five weeks old now, though, so there's absolutely no rush. But this also means we'd have to wait until the end of next month to pick him/her up, and I'm just so excited already!

I only have this crappy photo to share with you, but any picture of kittens is better than no picture of kittens, am I right?

Now, I'm not sharing this with you for nothing - I need your help! Which one would you choose? And do you know any cute kitten names? ^^


 * I don't think this is an actual English word, but here in the Netherlands it means that for some reason (selling it takes longer than expected, the block will be taken down, it will be renovated in the near future, etc.) a building is empty, and to prevend it from being squatted, an anti-squat company makes sure to put in residents until it gets sold/taken down/renovated. In this case, we are the residents of this lovely house in the city center, until it gets taken down.

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