January 29, 2015

Treasury: Friendship

In two weeks it's Valentine's Day, which means that many people all over the world are going to buy sweet and romantic stuff for their lovers (or secret lovers of course) to show them how much they love them. 

The last couple of weeks Lisa and I have met many times for Spring to Fall-related stuff, but also just for laughs and good times. And we were thinking, Valentine's Day is not only meant to show appreciation for your romantic love, it is also meant to show your appreciation for your friendship! Since Lisa and I have been friends for over ten years and have grown through puberty and young-adulthood together, we can say that we have built a very good friendship. And hopefully, we will be babysitting each others children and pushing each others wheelchairs in the future, when we have a lot of wrinkles.

So today we wanted to present to you: a collection of our favourite friendship items on Etsy! If you want to see the pictures in better quality, or want to find the shops where they sell these items, you can click here. Maybe you'll find some inspiration for a sweet Valentine's gift for your own friends!:)

Lisa & Ivanna

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