February 1, 2015

Blog Planner

We finally found a very handy and fun way to organise our blogposts! We made ourselves a clear and cheerful paper blog planner (which you can download for free!).

In our previous post, we mentioned that we had some trouble organising our posts. We felt like there wasn't enough variation in our posts, and we had issues coordinating our blogposts and Youtube videos. But not anymore!

Apparently, this blog calendar thing is nothing new - 90% of all bloggers seem to use one. So it's kind of crazy for us not to have tried this before. Well, actually we tried loads of stuff. At first, we really wanted an online tool that we could both reach, since we blog together, but are often working seperately from our own homes. So we tried Google calendar, Dropbox, Evernote - you name it -, but none of them really worked for us. It seems nothing beats good ol' pen and paper.

So, we finally decided to use a paper planner as well, and even though we have only one copy that is not always within reach for the both of us, we love it already!

The main focus in our planner is the monthly calendar. Here, we can plan out our posts and videos, and because we use small post-its to colour-code our categories, we can make sure we maintain some variety in our posts. The post-its come of really easily, so if we decide to change our planning, we just move them around.

In addition to the calendar, we also have a to-do list to keep track of what we have to do for the different platforms we use. This is very useful for us, since we tend to forget a lot...

Since we also like to keep track of our growth, we added monthly statistics rubrics as well. Our idea is to fill this out at the end of each month, so we can track our progress on each platform, and see what went well and what didn't.

Of course, it wouldn't be nice to keep this planner all to ourselves. Therefore we give you the opportunity to download our planners for free. Just follow the links below and you'll find the planners and lists ready to be printed.

Let us know in the comments what you think of our idea of blogpost organisation! We are also interested to hear your other creative ideas of blogpost planning. Share your thoughts with us! :)

Lisa & Ivanna

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  1. Thanks for this! Definitely going to use the editorial calendar to streamline blog posting x

    x Francesca of http://primpandpaper.com/