February 14, 2015

Something Lovely

Did you all have a nice Valentine's day? Of course you did. Even if you don't celebrate this day of love, it was a wonderful day altogether. It was for us, anyway.

It was just one of those days: the weather was nice, everybody around us was happy and cheerful, and our to-do list merely consisted of fun and creative tasks. Not to mention it was a Saturday. We love Saturdays.

Oh, and the best thing of all: Lisa received the cutest postcard from Aline from the wonderful blog Paperboats! Not that they know each other or anything (we'd wish!), but Aline had the wonderful idea of sending postcards to all of her readers who wanted to receive one. How sweet is that?! Of course, Lisa jumped at the chance, and ended up with this little gem in her mailbox:

Adorable, right? Thank you, Aline!

Now, we're off to get our beauty sleep, because tomorrow we'll be strolling around the Swan Market in Rotterdam again (so be sure to keep an eye out for our post on this!). Nighty-night!

xx Lisa & Ivanna

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