January 28, 2015

Recipe Cajun Spice Mix

Time for a fun recipe! Actually, it's not even a recipe, just a homemade spice mix to use for meat rubs and marinades. But it's very easy to make, and it's pretty damn tasty too!

You can watch the video below for a clear overview and some background info.

Or - if you're in a hurry - just mix these things together:
- 3 parts sweet paprika
- 1 part cayenne
- 1 part garlic powder
- 1 part onion powder
- 1 part thyme
- 1 part oregano
- 1.5 parts black pepper
- 1.5 parts white pepper

We didn't use any salt, because we like to season each dish individually, but feel free to add some if you feel like it!

The numbers indicate the proportions; you can use a tea spoon, table spoon, cup, bucket - all depending on how much you want to make. As long as the proportions are the same, you're good. We used a table spoon, and multiplied it by 5, to make half a jar of spice mix.

This mix is incredibly delicious on chicken (try this recipe!), but if you know any other dishes, let us know!

Lisa & Ivanna

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