January 17, 2015

New video! DIY storage jars

Aaand we've got a new DIY for you! Again a video - we're just so hyped about our new channel. We've wanted to something with our old glass jars for a while now, and we're always looking for more storage ideas (seriously, our bead collection is getting a little out of hand).

We could give you a lengthy tutorial on the ins and outs of spray painting a jar lid, but watching the video is probably more fun. Especially if you watch the bloopers afterwards ;)

Of course, your glass jar isn't complete without a fancy label, so here you go - a free printable with cute, colourful labels.
Download this baby!
You might have noticed our enthusiasm on our new Youtube channel :p It is so much fun to try something completely new, and we really feel like we learn something new every day. Of course, we would love to hear what you think, so if you want to give us feedback or share your ideas with us please do!
Have a great weekend!
Lisa & Ivanna

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