September 9, 2014

Vintage Outfit

Last Friday was the day of my graduation! I was so nervous that I had trouble sleeping the night before, because it was going to be such a memorable day. I want to share this moment with you guys and give you a little insight in my choice of outfit for this day. Because I wanted to wear a special dress for the occasion, my mom and I browsed the internet to find interesting clothing shops in the area. We discovered a very nice store that sells retro and vintage inspired fashion: Very Cherry (they also sell online). Since I really love this style and because I like to wear something different instead of a standard dress, we decided to  go and visit the shop in Rotterdam.

If I had the money, I would probably buy everything there; I'm serious! There are different brands of vintage clothing and they have many matching accessories. You can find classics and basics and there is more than enough choice to combine different pieces. There are outfits that are wearable in different seasons and for different occasions; you can also find clothes that you can wear to school or work. The products are of good quality and accentuate the feminine beauty. 

While I was changing in the fitting room, my mom brought different dresses to me to try on. We easily found the dress that I was going to wear on my graduation day; a beautiful turquoise one with creamy white polkadots, a cute collar and elegant retro buttons.  


When I was wearing it I could instantly see that the shape of the dress was perfect for me. The dress is fitted at the waist and has an over-the-knee skirt. The skirt is wide and therefore slightly pleated, which is great because in that way I don't have to worry about my backside protruding ;) Also, this design makes your figure look very feminine and chic. The short sleeves are a little bit puffed which contributes to the vintage look and creates a cute effect.

We decided that we needed to find some matching accessories to make the outfit complete. We were looking for a creamy white, small vintage handbag. We didn't find a retro looking one, but we found a very cute handbag at Claire's, which is in my opinion also very suitable for weddings. We found that this bag was the chosen one. It is big enough for carrying my phone and keys and if you don't have such a big fat wallet like me, this might even fit in it too (unfortunately my wallet is not so big because of my cash, but because of all the cards and miscellaneous items I like to keep). At Claire's we also spotted a lovely hair clip in the shape of creamy white flower leaves, which I would wear on the side of my head.

I bought the shoes in my hometown a few days after this successful shopping spree. I am not very used to walking on high heels. I may be a weakling, but I just can't walk on high heels for more than a few hours or I will start to walk like a horse or sprain my ankles. I found a perfect pair for me at van Haren with heels of only 5 cm high. I also bought extra soft foot beds. You really want to be comfortable if you have to walk to the front of an old auditorium in sight of a large audience. 

A few hours before we left to graduation, I went to the hairdresser and she styled my hair into a vintage hairdo. On the back of my hair she created large wavy curls to make me look like a movie star. Unfortunately the curls were sagged after three hours because of my hair type, so you can't see it that well on the pictures anymore. The front of my hair was teased and combed to create height, the top was smoothed and the whole was pinned to secure the hairdo. After that she sprayed so much hairspray in it that I still can't believe why the curls faded out, but anyway: the hairdo was a big success. It really made the outfit complete.

I had a very great day with all my lovely family and friends. I will never forget this moment. It was a great way to dwell on what I have achieved and to realize that I am so lucky to have such great family members and friends around me. These thoughts, the whole atmosphere and my lovely outfit made this a perfect day.


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