September 29, 2014

Ivanna's Beauty Basics

Ever since I can remember I have not worried much about the care for my skin and hair. While other girls neatly remove their make-up at the end of the day in order to keep their skin clean and healthy, I never bothered to wipe my eye make-up off before going to bed. However, since about a year I have developed allergies in my skin which could be caused by a reaction to make-up. Therefore, and because my mom silently couldn't stand my laziness anymore, she bought me face cleaning products. Since the moment that I have these products standing in my bathroom I instantly feel so caring for myself that I decided to show you guys the standard bathroom products that I use everyday;) What I use isn't a big deal, but these favourite items make that I can start my mornings and feel confident about my appearance.

The cleansing products that I use are from HEMA®. The right bottle on the picture is the cleansing milk that you have to use first. There is Boswellia (not sure what this is..) and cucumber in there for a dry and sensitive skin. The smell is very fresh and not too strong. The bottle on the left is cleansing tonic, which you have to use afterwards. It makes your skin feel extra clean because you remove all the remnants of dirt and cleansing milk and it leaves a cooling layer on your skin. This products also smells very fresh and light. On top of that, it is alcohol-free, which is nice for people with a sensitive skin. 

I did notice that different brands of shampoo really do matter for my hair. With some shampoos I have experienced that my hair breaks more easily, looks matte or makes my hair heavy and therefore flat. I have recently bought L'Oreal Elvive® (shampoo and conditioner in the pink bottle). The shampoo is developed for people who have thin, lifeless and dry hair. This is exactly what my hair has become due to a lot of dyeing through the years, the length of my hair and hormones (I have learnt this wisdom from my hairdresser). It claims to revitalize, thicken and add volume to the hair. The conditioner is developed for people who have long and dull hair (again, me!). It untangles your long hair and adds a brilliant gloss to it. I have to say that for once, this products do what they claim to do (at least, it works for me). I am always combing my soft hair with my fingers after it dried up after the shower, because after the use of these products, I can!

I also have 'ombre' hair: the bottom of my hair is dyed blonde, which has caused this area to be very dry. That is why I am very happy with this coconut oil from Palmers®. I have had this jar for years and will have it many years to come, because you only need very, very little of the substance to make your hair more soft and moisturized. In fact, if you use too much, your hair will become greasy. You only need to cover your fingertips with a thin layer and apply it a few times (dependable on the thickness of your hair). I also use it when my hair is a bit fluffy; it tames the hairs that jump out.

I always and only use the deodorants of Dove®. I have tried different brands of deodorant, but this is the only brand that makes sure to give you a fresh feeling for 24 hours, in my opinion (it says to protect for 48 hours but that never works for me, maybe I'm too stressed..). With some deodorants, I can literally feel the substance in my armpits and this bothers me a lot. Also some deodorants smell too strong (too much perfume) or they do not protect for long. I alternate the different types of Dove 'Go Fresh': cucumber & green tea (my favourite), pomegranate & lemon verbena and grapefruit & lemongrass.

On a regular day I only wear eyeliner and mascara. I am blessed with long eyelashes and I never buy complicated and expensive mascara. My requirements for mascara are actually very simple: it has to be black and it has to be cheap (I know, I'm a true beauty queen...). The one that I use now is from HEMA® and I really like it's appearance: fluorescent pink. It's a volume mascara and works very well, the downside is that this one is not waterproof. For eyeliner I use a black kohl pencil that I also bought at HEMA®. It's just a simple pencil that you have to sharpen with a pencil sharpener and it has a small sponge at the end so that you can smoothen your lines.

When I have slept very bad and have bags under my eyes, or if I want to do a little bit more effort with my make-up for a party for example, I use BB Cream® from Nivea® to even the tone of my skin. It covers irregularities and hydrates the skin at the same time, since it is also a day cream. I use the 'light' variant. On my lips I like to use a neutral product without a strong odor or taste. My favourite is 'rosy lips' from Vaseline®. Basically, I like to wear neutral make-up and this is what I would also wear to parties. The only provocative thing that I might do is make the line above my eyes a bit longer; rocking the Audrey Hepburn-style.

Well, that was a little insight in the stuff that I use every day. I really do not need much more, because I feel comfortable to keep it simple and neutral. I am interested to know what you guys use regularly in your bathroom. Or maybe you have some tips? Let us know in the comments!:)


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