September 16, 2014

Sushi bowls

One of the things we have in common is our profound love for sushi. Given the chance, we'd probably go out and have sushi at least twice a week. Unfortunately, we neither have the money for takeaway sushi, nor do we have the time and patience to roll our own sushi every time we crave it. So, luckily we came across the perfect solution: sushi bowls! We had seen different versions of this genius idea on Pinterest, but it wasn't until Lisa's birthday in April that we gave it a try. Because it's so simple and versatile, it instantly became one of our favourite dishes.

The beauty of sushi bowls is, that it is a dozen times easier to make than traditional sushi. Instead of spending hours slicing and rolling and kneading, you simply cook the rice, season it, and add whatever ingredients you like to it. Which brings us to something even better: you can literally add anything you want! Want wholegrain rice or even quinoa instead of sushi rice? No problem. Feeling experimental? Add some octopus or fish roe. Want a veggie-proof bowl? Omit the fish and sea food, and add some grilled mushrooms or slices of omelet.

Now, we could go on forever about the endless possibilities, but we think you can figure that out for yourselves ;) This is just how we did it. 

sushi rice, rice vinegar, sugar, salt

tuna, salmon, prawns
(You should really buy fresh fish! We made this on a Sunday, and to our despair there was no fresh fish to be found anywhere :(Trust us: fresh is better!)

cucumber, avocado, spring onions, radishes, alfalfa sprouts

sesame seeds, nori , wasabi, soy sauce, pickled ginger

Boil the rice as instructed on the package. While it's on, grill the prawns until pink, and roast the sesame seeds until golden brown.

Let everything cool off and season the rice. Cut the vegetables (avocados last to keep them from browning). Cut the fish into thin slices.

We made enough for quite a large group of people, and put all the separate ingredients on the table so that everyone could make their own bowl. You obviously don't need this much for just one bowl :p

What would you put into your bowl?

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