May 28, 2014

Swan Market Rotterdam

Last week we went to the Swan Market in Rotterdam for the first time. We had heard a lot of good things about it, so we've been wanting to go there for a while, but for some reason we never got around to it. Which is quite a shame, because it's it really is one of the coolest markets we've ever been to! 

For those of you who aren't sure what we're talking about ("can you buy birds there?"): The Swan Market is a "lifestyle market", that focuses particularly on creativity and uniqueness. The sellers' supply is very diverse, and ranges from vintager clothing to food, and from stationary to flowers.

The first thing we came across were these cute stationary stands. We both have a thing for notebooks, tapes, postcards, stamps - you name it - so we had the greatest difficulty not to spend all our money then and there. Fortunately, we did manage to control ourselves: Lisa only bought two postcards, and Ivanna didn't buy anything stationary-related at all! ;)


There is something we love even more than stationary, though, and that is food! And trust us, there was quite an abundance of awesome food stands at the Swan Market. Healthy stuff like dried fruits, fresh juices, and olives, but also homemade fudge, sweet pastries, and exotic spreads and marmelades. Because there were so many stews, curries, quiches, and soups to choose from, we had a hard time finding lunch :p

Because we were so pre-occupied with finding food, we almost didn't notice the enormous amount of styling/art/interior stands, but there were some really nice ones! We didn't have enough money with us to spend, but thank goodness most of the sellers also have online shops, so we collected as many business cards as possible - just in case!

Long story short, we had an awesome day, and we'll be visiting one of these markets again soon. Also, we think it might be fun to sell there, what do you think?

Lisa & Ivanna


  1. Ik zou zeggen: Go for it! :)
    Ik had wel al gehoord van de Swan Market en zie nu op hun website dat de markt soms ook in Antwerpen wordt georganiseerd. Als Belgisch Limburgje is dat al een heel stuk korter bij huis. Als ik jullie mooie foto's en ervaringen bekijk/lees, zal ik er als bezoeker de volgende keer zeker bij zijn in Antwerpen.

    1. Ja dat klopt, het is ook soms in Antwerpen, Utrecht, en Den Haag. Z├ęker gaan volgende keer, het is echt superleuk! :)

  2. Wat een leuke spulletjes en wat een lekker eten! Helaas niet echt in de buurt.. :(

  3. Ik ben er vorige maand voor het eerst geweest! Vond het echt heel leuk. :)