April 15, 2014

King's Day Bracelet!

As you may have noticed (especially if you live here in the Netherlands), it has been almost a year since Willem-Alexander was inaugurated as king. This does not only mean that we have a new monarch; it also means the end of Queensday, and the beginning of Kingsday!

Last year we celebrated the former Queen's birthday with our Queen For A Day bracelets and earrings. Of course we want to celebrate the King's birthday as well by the introduction of this unique handmade bracelet. This piece of jewelry is made of four glass beaded bracelets in the colours of the Dutch flag and banner, and a silver-coloured crown charm. This cute limited-edition bracelet is now for sale on our webshop! 

Especially for you guys we would like to offer this bracelet and the rest of our jewelry with a 10% discount! This discount lasts until Wednesday April 22nd. You can get 10% off if you fill in the following code with your order:


If you want to wear it on King's Day, make sure you order on time! :)

Lisa and Ivanna

PS: If you want to see us and our jewelry in real life, we will be joining the freemarket in Vlaardingen on April 26, as usual! ;)

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