April 1, 2014

Men's jewelry now online!

Last Sunday we proudly announced that we finished our men's jewelry collection. This was also the moment that we were going to start focussing on making all the item listings on Etsy, which is really a lot more work than you would think. In order to get a good view on the product for the customers, it is important to add a detailed description to all items. And of course, since this is why we wanted to make jewelry, describe our thoughts and ideas on the separate pieces by explaining the used symbols and adding matching quotes. You can imagine that this can take a while, but in the end this is what we want to do and what distinguishes us from commercial jewelry production. 
We also asked Lisa's boyfriend very nicely to pose with our freshly made jewelry so that we can show you what it looks like on someone. Below we created an impression of the whole collection. More close-up photo's and how-to-wear photo's, and of course all the unique items, can be found in our webshop

Lisa & Ivanna

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