April 17, 2014

Tea with a Story

Last Tuesday my two sisters and I went to a hotel with a view on the harbour river in our hometown to have a great high tea. They served a tower full of different kinds of sweet and savory treats like scones, sandwiches, brownies, small quiches and more. With that we could drink as much tea as we wanted. The tea is exactly the thing that I wanted to share with you, because we loved the way it was presented.

The concept of this special tea by the brand Peeze is to create a bond between the workers and producers in Sri Lanka and the consumer in a unique way. Communitea, the organisation behind this idea, asked the people from Sri Lanka to help with the design of the tea packages by adding personal objects and drawings. Also, each flavour of tea has their own story attached to it about the life of a certain worker in the tea production chain. 

This tea is not only making people aware of who makes our products, it is also Fair Trade certified and six of the twelve flavours that they offer are biological. It also contributes to a foundation for supporting the coffee production chain in Sri Lanka. Besides that this tea is taking a good step towards sustainability, it also looks very cute because the tea bags come in small envelopes:)

On the website of Communitea you can find more information and you can order a sample if you are interested!


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