February 23, 2014

Weekly Inspiration Post - Hippie Bohemian

As we said before, we recently spent a Sunday afternoon with a Kristel Veenstra, a sister of a friend of ours, who happens to be a photography student. We spent the whole day at her house to photograph our jewelry. As we did or tried to do with all our Weekly Inspiration Posts so far, we tried to come up with combinations as diverse as possible. Only now, we actually wore them. We tried to create combinations that were not only diverse, but also realistic - this is how we would wear our jewelry ourselves. Of course, if you have different ideas of how to style or combine our jewelry, we would love to hear from you! From now on we will try to show more of how to wear the jewelry instead of just combinations on a white background.

The collage below clearly shows the diversity we were talking about. It's summery, bohemian, hippie, colourfula complete mengelmoes of textures and materials. We really like to combine different materials, which is really not that hard if you stick to a certain colour palette, in this case brown, pink and turquoise.

How do you combine your jewelry?

Lisa and Ivanna

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