February 4, 2014

Shop Update: Behind-the-scenes - Handling Orders

Not really a shop update, but since we've been so busy with our shop lately, we thought it would be nice to talk about our "behind-the-scenes" process a little more! We love pretty much everything we do for our blog and shop (except for writing Etsy listings, which is kind of a drag :p), but the thing we love most is handling orders. Because ultimately, that is what it's all about: making our jewelry, and trying to make our customers happy. So, today we will share a little insight in our process of handling orders!

Firstly, when we receive an order, we immediately start creating and/or adjusting the items. In case of bracelets, we might have to adjust the size, or create a new bracelet altogether. Sometimes the customer can choose from a variety of colours or charms, and we will make and adjust the items to the customers desires. Since we often have just one piece per design in store for pictures, we usually have to make the ordered item from scratch. This takes a bit of time, but personally we like that we can really put our heart and soul into that one piece!

When the pieces are done, we take just as much care in wrapping them. We want every item to look like a little, personal present, so every piece of jewelry comes in its own glassine envelope, accompanied with a little card with the name of the item, and a matching quote or piece of text. Since we're both suckers for colours and prints, we like using washi tape on the envelopes as a little accent.

To make it even more personal, we send a little handwritten "thank you"-note with every order.

And finally, we bubble wrap the order, put it in the addressed and stamped envelopes, and it's ready for shipping!

If there's anything you would like to know about us or the way we work, let us know! It's really fun to explain to people what we do, especially when we get to take nice pictures of it ;)

Lisa & Ivanna

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  1. Super leuk om een kijkje achter de schermen te krijgen ;).