November 17, 2013

Weekly Inspiration Post

This week we want to show you a set of bracelets that contains many colors suiting the fall. We really love the gemstone beads in these bracelets. They appear pure and natural and the stones are very comfortable to wear. The charms are very symbolic, which we love! It makes the items extra special and personal. Of course you can be creative and combine different symbols - that's the fun of composing your own sets: it's all up to you! 
This set contains one of our favourite bracelets The Real Peace, a red jasper version of Royal Princess, a white howlite version of Delicate as Stone, a white howlite version of Dead or Alive (silver-plated chain) and a brown version of A Little Peace.

Do you like wearing symbols in your jewelry and clothes? Let us know, we are open to new ideas!


Lisa and Ivanna