November 30, 2013

Yay, new items available!

As you may or may not have noticed, some of our new items are finally availabe in our shop! Together, these new bracelets are the Wish Collection. The collection is created by our idea that it is important to have something to wish for in your life, something to hold on to. We made a colourful collection, which is great to mix and match. You can make your combinations, and even the individual bracelets, very personal by choosing your own colours.
The collection entails 3 different bracelets:
     - "Wish Upon A Star": a delicate, beaded bracelet with a little star charm at the clasp. This
       bracelet is available in six different colours.
     - "If I Can Have One Wish": a lovely wax cord bracelet, with a little "wish" charm and a tassel
       at  the clasp. The wax cord is available in  six different colours, and the tassels in eight,
       which means there are 48 possible combinations!
     - "One Simple Wish": a simple wax cord bracelet (available in 7 colours) with a wishbone
       charm in the middle.

You can find all of these bracelets in our webshop!

What do you think of our Wish Collection? Which bracelet is your favourite?

Lisa and Ivanna


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