November 12, 2013

New Materials

Lisa promised you all some pictures of our new materials, so here you go! The first picture is an overview of everything we've gathered. It may seem a bit incoherent, but since we already have most of our basic materials, these are merely additions. We have already worked out some of our ideas and not to toot our own horn, but they turned out great. Seriously, we can't wait to show everything to you! But first things first. Our new materials:

Below, you see our new collection of wax cord. Up until now, we mostly worked with leather, and even though that is still one of our favourite materials, we wanted to try something new - something a bit more vibrant. And we guess that worked out pretty well. Don't you just love the colours?

To be honest, we were actually looking for beads that were a bit bigger than these, but when we received these, we fell head over heels in love with them! We don't just adore the colours (the red ones are definitely our favourite!), but also how gorgeously matte and opaque they are! (The bigger, brownish red beads on the right are meant for the guys; you can see their allure a lot better on the last picture!)

This picture seems even more incoherent, but it gives a nice impression of the incredible beauty of the pyrite beads, and offers a nice close-up of the charms.

Tassels! Not really a "new material", since we made these ourselves, but we couldn't keep them from you. We wanted to give our bracelets a more playful touch by adding some more colour and structure, and we think these do a great job in that respect! We have already made two - completely different - kinds of bracelets with them :)

Bonus: a picture of all the stuff that is meant for our new men's bracelets! Stylish, right? ;)

What do you think? Are you as madly in love with these gorgeous goods as we are? ;)

Lots of love,
Lisa & Ivanna

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