November 7, 2013

Surviving The Rain

The fact that summer is over is very obvious at the moment, as rain has been pouring over the country for a few days now. Unfortunately this sad weather started exactly when my holiday started. But grief is not necessary, because I can actually really enjoy sitting indoors, crawling in a blanket and making myself comfortable..

A friend of mine gave me a survival kit for the fall for my birthday! This cozy kit contains a cute purple mug and two packages with chocolade chips, which can be used for chocolate fondue (I'm gonna try these white ones as soon as possible..!) It also contains four bundles of wool in different colors, knitting needles and a warm red candle for cozy moments. The colors of the wool fit my personal style very well and are also perfect for the fall. I'm gonna have to find out how to knit again; I haven't done this in a long time! Maybe someday a post will follow of my own handmade scarf, hat or even a sweater..

How do you spend the days during fall?

xx Ivanna 

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