November 4, 2013

Monday's Musical Delight - Playlist #13: Happy&Mellow

To everyone who had to go to work/college today: I am terribly sorry for rubbing it in, but I love having Mondays off. I do work on Saturdays, so my weekends are not necessarily longer; they are merely pushed forward one day. It is quite strange, really, because everyone else has to work, and most shops are closed on Monday mornings, so it actually feels like I have two Sundays. Which works great for me - I love Sundays! Anyways - to get to the point - today was lovely and quiet, as usual, and I had loads of time to work on the blog, make some listings for our Etsy shop, knit, and listen to music in my pillow fort (yes, I made a pillow fort as well :p). Overall, today was happy and mellow, and that's exactly what this playlist is like. Enjoy!


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