October 9, 2013

Beautiful things

You can find something beautiful wherever you look, but you have to open up to it. Beautiful things are to be found in 'humble places'. You can perceive this as if you can find it in unexpected places, but also as if it's the 'little things' in life that make it beautiful.
Because there is much activity going on in life, and because you meet so many people, you might not see these 'little things' anymore. It's very satisfactoy to take time to appreciate this. Sometimes, when I am waiting for the bus for example, I take a moment to really look around. Then I notice that I see nice things happening that I didn't notice before. The message of this quote is therefore 'open up'.

Blessed are they who see
beautiful things in humble places 
where other people see nothing.
- Camille Pissarro

PS: We used this quote as an inspiration for our Gypsy Jade necklace.

xx Ivanna

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