October 27, 2013

Weekly Inspiration Post

Last Friday, we posted a set of pictures that showed a side of nature that we find incredibly beautiful. Even though we both love bright colours, flowers, and practically anything happy and cheerful, there is something wonderfully mystical about the rough, pure aspects of nature that are shown in these pictures. Images like these have inspired us to make items like the ones below. The two necklaces (the left one is not yet available, the right one can be found here) are made with very delicate gemstones, but we used a matte bronze chain to give them a more rough appearance. For the Pilgrim's Journey bracelet, we also used bronze chain, and added red jasper beads for a little ethnic touch. For the Greek Goddess bracelet, we used irregular tigereye chip beads - we fell in love with these beads the moment we lay eyes on them!

What do you think about this combination? How would you match these items?

Lisa & Ivanna

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