October 18, 2013

Sleeping in on weekends

It's weekend again, which means we get to sleep in! One of our favourite things to do ;) At our age, it is probably more socially accepted to go out and be, well.. social, but sometimes our beds just seem a lot more appealing. Besides, if you want to be creative, it is important to get enough rest, and to clear your head sometimes. It will ensure that you get inspiration again, help you stay focused, and makes you able to  resume your work with a fresh view. And quite frankly, we don't think there is anything more enjoyable then staying in bed till noon. Don't these pictures look absolutely dreamy? They sure make us want to catch up on our beauty sleeps...

birds, dreamcatcher, sleeping girl, clouds

Do you like to stay in bed all morning? Or are you an early bird?

Lisa & Ivanna

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