October 25, 2013

Spirit of Nature

We get a lot of inspiration from nature. Not only do we love to enjoy nature in real life, for example, by going for a walk in the forest, or by camping, but we also love to use natural elements in our personal style. We like to show it in our clothing, and we have worn feathers in our hair for several weeks. But of course, we also use nature as an inspiration for our handmade jewelry. It was even the first inspiration that we had for making our bracelets, when we started with Spring to Fall. And it still inspires us today. That's why, for this Friday, we want to show you some wonderful pictures about living close to nature, which is beautifully displayed in this pure photographs.

girl in forest, wise woman, feathers, wolves

What do you love most about nature? Do you have special memories about it?

xx Ivanna

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