October 1, 2013

Coloured Highlights!

We've got a new favourite thing: coloured highlights! Lisa and I talked about dyeing our hair in a crazy colour a while ago. I hadn't done this since I was thirteen, when I decided to commit a rebellious attack on my hair and dye a few random stripes bright pink. But now that we are more mature, we found that we could try it the fashionable way.

Since we were a bit nervous about dyeing our own hair, we bought light blonde hairextensions online, which we first dyed in bright colors ('turquoise' and 'shocking pink', as you can see on the pictures. This is semi-permanent dye and fades in a couple of weeks). By using hairconditioner, you can dilute the dye, so that the color becomes lighter. In this way you can create an effect of two colors blending together.

You can attach the extensions to your own hair by using so called 'microrings' (also included in the order with the extensions). To attach your hair to these rings, you take a thin piece of hair and make it wet, so that you can easily stab it through the ring. Then you shove the ring up to about a centimeter up to your scalp, but not too close - make sure it's still comfortable, and push the plastic end of the extension into the ring as well. Then you close the ring by pinching it firlmy with a pair of plyers. The extensions will remain as long as you want, you can wash, brush, and style them.

There you go, a simple manual to very special hair!

xx Ivanna

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