March 6, 2015

Lisa in England - Day 4 (+ Vlog)

This is the journal and vlog of day 4 of our trip to England.

We started our Monday morning with a rather scanty breakfast. To be honest, after our stay at Susanne any breakfast would have seemed scanty in comparison, and we didn't expect much for what we payed for our stay, but instant coffee?? Luckily, we had a busy day ahead of us, so instead of sulking, we grabbed our stuff and went to the Natural History Museum.

I love this kind of museums. As a linguist, I am often expected to like literature and arts, which I absolutely do, but I also have a soft spot for biology. And animatronic dinosaurs.

After spending the entire morning at the museum, we took the tube to Covent Garden, to have lunch at Le Pain Quotidien. We had planned to visit the Lush store there as well, but since it seemed to have vanished (?), we decided to go straight to the next point on our to-do list: Forbidden Planet. After stopping at the Tea House, because I have this strange habit of buying tea in every country I visit.

In case anyone is wondering what he Forbidden Planet is: it is said to be the biggest sci-fi/fantasy store in Europe. My boyfriend and I were both too excited to take pictures :p but it is briefly shown in our vlog, whichyou can find at the bottom of this article.

After our visit to Forbidden Planet, we decided to just take it easy for the rest of the day. Stroll around for a bit, have some coffee, visit some shops, and try to find another Lush store. It all worked out perfectly, and after having dinner at a cute indian restaurant, we dragged our bags full of Lush and Doctor Who merchandise back to our hotel room, where we almost immediately fell asleep.

If you want to see a bit of Forbidden Planet, or - even better - an animatronic T-Rex, check out our vlog! All vlogs on the previous days of our trip can be found on the Spring to Fall Youtube Channel.

Have a lovely day!


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