March 2, 2015

Lisa in England - Day 1 (+ Vlog)

Last week, me (Lisa) and my boyfriend went to Oxford and London for six days. This is a journal of the first day of our trip.

The main reason we went on this trip, was to celebrate our ten year anniversary on February 24 - hooray for us! Also, since we were heading in that direction anyway, we thought it would be a great opportunity to visit our friend Susanne who is currently working on her PhD at Oxford University. 

We left on Friday February 20 to Gatwick Airport, and took the bus to Oxford. We stayed there until Sunday afternoon, when we took the bus back to London, and we stayed there until Wednesday Februari 25. This meant we had almost 6 full days to enjoy all the goodness these cities have to offer! (and it proved to be not nearly enough :p)

The first day started out a bit more exciting than we had hoped for. Spoiler: we had a little issue at the check-in, because I am unbelievably stupid. For the rest of the story, you'll have to check the video ;) Thank goodness everything turned out alright, and a few hours laters, we were able to meet up with Susanne. We had a wonderful, busy first day in Oxford, thanks to Susanne's activities program. 

Since we did so much in these six days, it would be madness to cram it all in just a single post and one video, so we decided to spread it out and post an article and a video about each individual day. So stay tuned for the rest!

Have you ever been to Oxford and/or London? We'd love to hear what you've seen there, or would like to see!

xx Lisa (and Ivanna, who has edited all the videos!)

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