March 5, 2015

Lisa in England - Day 3 (+ Vlog)

Day 3 of our trip was a bit bittersweet. We had to leave Oxford, and thus our friend Susanne behind, but we also continued our trip to London!

Again, I've written a little journal below. Don't feel like reading? You can also watch the video:

Once again, we started our day with a Dutch-English fusion breakfast prepared by our incredible host Susanne. Tea, juice, eggs, scones, crumpets, and Old Amsterdam cheese. Really, that girl knows how to make breakfast.

We packed our bags, and made our way to the bus, but not before making a short stop at Blackwell's bookstore. This short stop turned out to be nearly two hours, but what else would you expect with two former English students?

With lighter wallets and heavier bags, we finally arrived at the bus station, where we hastilly said goodbye to our friend before hopping in and driving off. Goodbye Susanne, see you in April! And goodbye Oxford!

And hello London! After a two and a half hour trip, we finally stepped out of Earl's Court station, and were immedtiately welcomed by the familiar rain and wind. This is the England we know :p We had some difficulties finding the hotel because I had forgotten to bring the address and directions, but managed to arrive there pretty quickly. We stayed at the Garden View Hotel - a tiny, but cozy and clean hotel at a great location. No, we were not payed for this review :p

After unpacking our bags, and taking an unplanned nap, we headed to Nando's for dinner. Not the most interesting option perhaps from a blogger's perspective, but Nando's is just always a good idea.

Do you have a go-to restaurant when you're in London?


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