March 3, 2015

Lisa in England - Day 2 (+ Vlog)

As promised, a little journal and vlog on our second day in England!

Last week, my boyfriend and I spent 6 days in Oxford and London to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. After a rather adventurous first day, we started day two with the delicious breakfast our friend Susanne had prepared for us. Most Englishmen would probably have a seizure at the sight of what we did to their national products to call it breakfast, but it was scrumptious nonetheless.

After this hearty breakfast, we headed off to the Oxford University Museum National History and the adjoining Pitt Rivers Museum, which were both incredibly beautiful and interesting. I was actually promised human heads in jars, which was the whole reason I wanted to go to the Pitt Rivers Museum, but unfortunately they only had "regular" shrunken heads. Which were also pretty disgusting interesting. And the architecture of the Natural History Museum was phenomenal!

After that we sneaked into Christ Church, where Alice in Wonderland was written, and several scenes of the Harry Potter movies were filmed. Unfortunately, we couldn't get into the Great Hall due to reconstruction work. Bummer. We also briefly visited the covered market before heading for lunch.

Lunch consisted of fruit and juice packs (daytrips like this always bring out the mother figure in Susanne), and pasties we bought at Sainsbury's. Very fancy ;)

And after some well deserved rest and coffee and hot cocoa, we walked up the hill to enjoy a splendid sunset over Oxford.

To see the rest of the evening on our second day, and to enjoy even more visual input, check our vlog below!

There are 4 more days of vlogs to come, so stay tuned!

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