December 25, 2013

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom - Christmas thought

First of all: a very merry Christmas to you all! Are you all stuffed? We sure are! We keep telling ourselves every year that Christmas isn't about food, and we really shouldn't eat that much, but somehow that thought gets completely overshadowed by the copious amounts of food, only to enter our thoughts again when it's already too late.. But we both had a great day anyway, and we hope you had too. So, to get off the subject of food, let'stake a moment to ponder what Christmas is really all about? To us, that would be love, generosity, and togetherness, and who can put those things better into words than John Lennon?

What do you think Christmas is about?

Lisa & Ivanna

PS: Talking about generosity... Don't forget to check out our little surprise tomorrow!

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