December 7, 2013

Even more new bracelets!

After our little Wish Collection, we have some more new items in our Etsy shop:

- Misty Mountains: a soft pastel bracelet with glass and gemstone beads. As we mentioned in our Friday's Fabulous Photos post a few weeks ago, we desperately wanted to make something inspired by mist, and this is the result! What do you think?
- Ojibwa Princess: With the story of Hanging Cloud in mind, we wanted to make something that captured the native American look. Hanging Cloud was important woman in the famous Ojibwa tribe (one of the largest groups of Native Americans in the North of Mexico). She was the daughter of chief Beautifying Bird and a full warrior - the only woman allowed to ever become one. She defended her village after her father died and therefore she is legendary among the tribes of the Northern Plains. We made the bracelets a bit more playful with colourful tassels to express femininity, whereas the thick suede emphasises her strength.

We still have loads of materials and drawings, so even more new items will be added soon!

Lisa and Ivanna

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