September 23, 2013

World Food Festival - Harvest Feast

The World Food Festival is a brand new festival in Rotterdam which presents different culinary trents from all over the world. Food-producing companies in all shapes and sizes participate in this festival and share their ideas on food development.
One of the participants is the 'Dakakker' (rooftop farm). Me and my boyfriend went to visit the Dakakker, which is an initiative of his brother, Wouter Bauman from the Rotterdam Environment Centre. The Dakakker was founded in the context of urban agriculture. The idea is that a city can partly become self-sufficient in food-production, which also means less transport and fresher vegetables. The free space of flat roofs in the city is very suitable for growing food. It also contributes to the greening of the city. As Spring to Fall we really like this idea!

On this special day, a part of the vegetables were harvested and used to prepare a very tastful dinner for interested guests. Together with other volunteers we made pumpkinsoup and pasta pesto, of course with ingredients derived from the roof field. There was also honey for sale, made by the bees which are also on the roof, and there was live music. The food was delicious and the dinner was very appreciated. A very fun and succesful day!

To read more about the Dakakker you can click here.
To read more about the World Food Festival you can click here (English) or here (Dutch).

xxx Ivanna

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