September 29, 2013

Weekly Inspiration Post

To remain in the colorful vibes of last Friday's Fabulous Photo's, we have chosen a colorful set of bracelets for this weeks Weekly Inspiration. The bright blue and pink really stand out and give the soft pastels a playful look. Doesn't it look dainty and cute?

This sweet combination contains a bright pink Delicate As Stone, a soft lilac Royal Princess, a crisp white version of Sunny Beaches, a Summer Lovin' with white beads and a turquoise leaf, and a prototype bracelet of blue wax cord and a wishbone charm. 

Lisa and Ivanna


  1. Wat een leuke sieraden verkopen jullie! Mooi blog ook. you just gained a follower :)

    1. Wat ontzettend leuk om te horen, dank je wel! :)