September 15, 2013

This is our new blog!

So, here it is: our new and improved blog! Our new style hasn't changed all that much, but we did make some minor adjustments: we've introduced some new fonts, refreshing bright colors and a cheerful, clear layout.
What else is new? We will make sure to blog on a more regular basis. Instead of writing long articles every few weeks on topics that are not really related to each other, we decided to write shorter articles on stuff that really, really, really inspires us, and are more coherent.
Boring? Nope. There is still plenty of variation, in the form of recurring posts:

  • Monday's Musical Delight, in which Lisa will continue to make playlists, but this will now happen on a weekly basis (YAY!)
  • Wednesday's Words of Wisdom. Because we love quotes, and lyrics, and poems, and want to share our most precious ones with you.
  • Friday's Fabulous Photos, which will consist of beautiful photos of pretty much anything.
  • We will keep posting our Weekly Inspiration as well, every weekend.
  • And on top of all this, we will also enlighten with our Shop Updates every now and then, and post some personal stuff, if we feel like it :) This contains posts about our Personal Style, Things we Love or Places we've Been. 

What do you think of this new style? Any tips or comments?

Lisa & Ivanna

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