April 27, 2013

Weekly Inspiration Post

A couple of weeks ago, we started a Weekly Inspiration post (well, actually it’s more of a two-weekly inspiration post, but that doesn’t sound half as catchy) on Facebook. In this post, we arrange a number of the items in our collection, to show you the infinite amount of combinations you can make with our jewelry. We love making these combinations, and we are actually quite proud of the pictures we have produced so far. It is so great to see all these lovely colours and shapes and textures together!

To make up for the weeks we have missed on the blog, the pictures that we posted on Facebook can be found below. 

From now on, we will not only post these on Facebook every weekend, but also here on the blog. However, if you do wish to stay up to date with what goes on in our shop, feel free to like us on fb :)

Lisa & Ivanna 

PS: If you happen to have any ideas for a new combination, please share! We would love some input ;)

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