April 25, 2013

Playlist #4

Even though music is one of my greatest passions, I always seem to be a bit behind on everything. With Asaf Avidan, I had not heard of him until Wankelmuts remix of Reckoning Song came out, and even then it took me quite a while to 1) come across this remix, 2) learn to appreciate it (I’m usually not very fond of electronical remixes of, well, anything), and 3) who the original artist was.

When I listened to his original version of Reckoning song for the first couple of times, it reminded me of so many other songs and artists that I actually made a list of them. After some research (*cough- Wikipedia – cough*), I found out that he is influenced by Led Zeppelin and Janis Joplin, among many others, and deliberately tries to sound like them. So my connections with Robert Plant and Janis do make sense. I’m not sure why I made the connection with Fleet Foxes, though… Probably has something to do with the fingerpicking in both songs. 

Anyway, hear for yourself, and maybe you can add something to the list! 

Xx Lisa

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